He's TWO!

My little baby is two. I know that it is cliche to say that he has grown up so fast, but it seems like days ago I was lov'in on my new born. Here are some pictures of his birthday dinner.

I love this little guy, here are a few things that he does that make him such a wonderful little kid...

-Everyday you say 'pootball tadium opn' (in question form)...translation, ' Is the football stadium open and can we go inside?'. You are just like your dad and have already gained a zeal for BYU Football.

-The repetitive kisses that you give me on my arm over and over again. There is nothing better than a child that is so lovable.

-How you love your sister truly as your best friend. Whenever she is gone you ask where she is, whenever you wake up you ask where she went and whenever she returns you give her a huge hug and a kisss.

-Even though you love your sister so much, you tend to tease the heck out of her. You know exactly what gets on her nerves and you push her limits with a smirk on your face.

-You want to be just like your dad. You love playing in his work boots, playing basketball and football like him, and even eating the same foods as him (jerky, rio, etc.)

-You love Dr. Pepper, but call it 'bopper pepper'

-Even though I can laugh about it now, I don't each day when I have to clean up your mess from the bath. You LOVE water! You love to splash the water, hence the mess.

-You are always such a happy and smiling kid.

- You tend to yell everything that you say. It is like you continually think you are at a football game.

- I frequently find you playing basketball in your room by yourself having the time of your life.

- You already know what 'Marks' is.

- You already play pretend with Emma. When she tell you that you are the monster, you act like one. When she tells you that you are the dog, you get on your hands and knees and start barking.

-You love dogs, but you hate dogs. You always want to be around them, but if they get too close with out you knowing or without your permission, you freak out.

- You love your grandparents...All of them.

-You make friends very easily, and loose them very easily. You can be so kind on some days to your friends and share so well and then other days you walk around hitting them. Hopefully the being kind part of you stays.

-You hate wasting time to eat.

-You sleep so well. Ever since you were 6 months old you have slept through the night and taken a really good nap. With how active you are, this is my saving grace...A time for me to relax.

Love, Tamber


Lisa said...

Happy B-day cute boy!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Marcus! I can't believe he's already two! He is such a cute, smart, little guy. I always look forward to hearing his cute voice.