Worst mom moment.....

As a mom I do everything I can to keep my kids safe and keep them from harm.

Look at this cutie...who wouldn't want to protect her?

Well this week the weather warmed and I was so excited to spend the entire afternoon outside. I took precautions by dressing Lilly in long sleeves, putting a hat on and trying to keep her in the shade.

Well, I didn't do a very good job. I left her hands out. And look what happened...

Yup...I would say that is a worst mom moment. Luckily today it is looking a lot better and has faded to more of a dark tan, but can I just tell you how horrible I felt when I first discovered her burn :(



Gail B said...

OH tamber! that is sooo sad. We ALL have worst mom moments. Don't beat yourself up about it. You are a good mom!

Anonymous said...

Oh sad! I totally have times where I say to myself "Yep...Mom of the year award right here"...like when Riley fell down 10 stairs :-( We'll look back and laugh at it all right? Ha