Bucket List

Since the world is supposed to end tonight, I have been thinking about somethings that I want to do before I die. This Bucket List is not inclusive and will be added to over time. Luckily I know that the world is not going to end tonight at 6pm, so I have a little more time to work on these.

1. Take a woodworking class

2. Take a family trip to Disneyland

3. Travel to Italy and Greece with Eric

4. Drive without a destination, and find a fun hotel to stay in.

5. Go watch the Summer Olympics

6. Go skinny dipping.

7. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

8. Compete in an Olympic Length Triathlon.

9. Hike Mount Timp

10. Visit Boston and watch a Bruins hockey game.

11. Take the Family to a Reds game in Cincinnati

12. Go on a trip of all church history sites in the East.

13. Pay for the person's toll meal behind me in a drive thru.

14. Go Snowboarding

15. Raise $1000 for BYU athletics

16. Go on a Cruise.

17. Help pay for a non family members mission.

18. Grow a garden.

19. Go back and visit Eric’s mission.

20. Take a cooking class.

21. Take cake decorating classes

22. Go surfing in Hawaii

23. Go horseback riding.

24. Watch a meteor shower.

25. Throw a surprise birthday party.

26. Swim with dolphins.

27. Write a love poem for Eric

28. Go to a Tim McGraw Concert

29. Ride 100 miles on a bike at one time.

30. Write a Biography about an ancestor.

31. Go indoor skydiving.

32. Start my own Charity. (victims of child abuse)

33. Go snowshoeing

34. Go Cross Country Skiing.

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Tara said...

Fun ones! Love the skinny dipping....lol!