Corn Belly's Fall Fun

We Went to Thanksgiving Point today for some Family Fun. We had some coupons to get into Corn belly's for 93 cents a piece. This is Emma jumping on the Jumping Pillow.

This is Emma panning for Gold in their pretend river.

This is Emma in the princess land playing dress up. I dont know what I was thinking letting her put on a wig that 1,000 other kids had put on, talk about lice.
I really didnt think that Emma would go on the cow ride train, but to my surprise she did. She had a blast playing on all of the playgrounds as well. We attempted to do the corn maze, but me got lost right off of the bat and ended up at the entrance again. We decided that since Emma was complaining within 1 minute that we wouldnt have much fun going through it for about an hour. Anyway, all in all we had a great time together today as a family.

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Austin and Jennifer Duke said...

Oh my gosh you guys are cute! You make me feel like a slacker. :) I need to start doing more fun things with my family.