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Hello All,

I originally started this blog to keep my family in touch with what we are doing as a family. It has evolved over time into my personal cooking and project blog. I am going to try to keep them all separate.

The McAllister Family Blog (this one) I will try and keep about my kids and our personal craft projects and things.

My Cooking Blog I will keep all of my Menu Planning, Cooking, Grocery Couponing and such there.

I also have a Baking Blog, but I don't post on that one often. Mostly when we have a birthday or wedding around here that I make a cake for.

I have also started a Family History Blog. I hope that any of you that are interested in Family History will keep up with me on that one. I Love Family History, and I am hoping to put a lot of information on how to get your own Family Histories started. I also wanted to do this for my Family so that they can see my progress on our Family History.

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