Family History

Many of you know that I LOVE doing Family History. I often get people who ask, how do I get my family history started? Well instead of procrastinating helping multiple people start their family history, I have decided to create a Blog all about Family History.

For those of you who don't do Family History because you feel it is for 90 year old's or because you have a family member who does most of your family history, I challenge you to go to my blog and check it out. Try to get your 4 generation of genealogy and start your personal history, and let me know if you like it after that.

I can guarentee that it is very addicting. The link to my new site will always be posted on my right side tool bar, as well as below.


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Jimmy, Diane and Bentley said...

Way to go Tamber, that is so cool. My husband is really into it but I have never done any family history. Yet. I'd really like to get started so I'll have to check out your new blog! Thanks for sharing!