Menu Plan Monday

I am really excited to announce that I am going to start joining with orgjunkie.com and doing Menu Plan Monday. I love to plan my meals ahead of time because my week ends up going a lot more smooth. Today is my first blogging menu plan. It is an interesting week because I have family in town and it is the week of a holiday. So, here it goes....

Monday- Family BBQ, I am going to bring my Fresh Spring and Poppy Seed Salad

Tuesday- With Family in town, my Sister's Boyfriends Band is playing for us and his mother is Native American, and is making us her homemade Navajo Taco's...I am so excited about that.

Wednesday- Chicken Kabobs (Chicken Marinated in Lawry's Mesquite Chicken Marinade), Brown Rice and Green Beans

Thursday- Taco Soup (made from leftover Mexican Meatloaf from last week, I will probably add a couple cans of red Beans and a couple cans of Black beans)

Friday- Shrimp Stir Fry

Saturday- BBQ Chicken Pizza, I will probably make my own crust from Rhodes Rolls and I will probably just use bell peppers instead of pepperoncini, and I usually cook my chicken in the crockpot in some BBQ sauce and then I shred it before I put it on. This is supper Yummy, and Pretty good for you. (for body for life recipe, use whole wheat pitas for crust and use fat free Mozerella)

Sunday- Turkey Burgers (made with Jennie-O Italian Seasoned Turkey)


Billy and Nicole said...

Hey, My email has been funky, did you ever get the pics i sent you?

Em Dog said...

Tamber. . .this has nothing to do with this particular post (althought I am a HUGE plan of planned menus!), but I wanted to write and tell you that baby Will looks so much like your kids to me! I see Amy in the lips, but MAN I see WAY MORE McAllister than Slusser. . .your kids definitely will look like his cousins. He's so cute - ejoy your time with him! We sure have.
Em Slusser