Economy worries....Get Thrifty

As many of you, I am very worried about the economy. I feel like Eric and I are in a crummy situation since we can't support ourselves on regular income (we are currently using student loans). Eric quit his job in August so that he could take 23 credits this semester and be graduated in April. Well, this leaves us worrying like crazy. Anyway...I have been trying to find ways to save money. I recently came across a bunch of money Saving tips, and thought it might be useful to share them with you all. So here it goes....

-Use your local library...
1.) Check out books
2.) Check out DVD's and Video's.
3.) Children Games (Orem Library has a game section were you can check them out).
4.) Story and Singing Time (Most library's have so many options for diff. age kids).
5.) Friday Night Movie
****Check your local library for different options*****

-Unplug all of your appliances when you are not using them...including your TV. Even when a
light is plugged in and you dont have it turned on, you are still using power. There was a
lady who's bill went from $269 to $70 from May to June when she started doing this.

-Save on Groceries by...
1.) Plan your meals and shopping lists around what is on sale.
2.) Use your coupons when items are on sale. If you do this you can get things for almost
3.) Stock up on common items when they hit a low price.r
5.) Check out your resources....www.couponmom.com and

-Create a spending plan and stick with it...
1.)One thing that they suggested on the recent Oprah show about becoming Thrifty was
to create a budget for each expense, and then take the cash out each week. When the
cash is gone out of the envelope, then you are out of money for that area. Example.... You
budget 600 for food for the month. Each week take out $150 and put it into your Food
envalope. If you spend all the money on Friday, then you are out until Monday.
2.) Any leftover cash at the end of the month, apply toward debt or savings.

-THIS IS MY FAVORITE IDEA....Swap with your neighbors. If both of you want a new couch
becuase you are sick of your old one, trade. Also, here are some great websites for
trading things...all you have to pay for is the shipping.
1.)Zwaggle- obtain points for selling certain things and then buy other peoples items with
your points. This isa site for parents...toys, games, children's stuff, etc.
2.)Swaptree - A place were you trade items for Free.

- Don't Spend money on a gym membership....instead, go ask if they are looking for teachers and
ask if you can swap gym membership for you teaching one of their classes (may only work
for people with a health background.)

-Learn how to trade services...I remmber as a kid, my dad was a brick mason and he would
trade his work. He would trade a brick job in our dentists backyard for our dental work
for that year. (needless to say our dentist had a lot fo great brick work done on his house
and we had great looking teeth.)

Think about all the options, you could tutor your furniture salesmans child if he can get
you that new table. Or teach yoru auto mechanic's children swim lessons, or something
like that.

You will be suprised at how willing people are to accept an offer.

Let me know if you have any other money saving tips that you use. I would be very interested in hearing from you all....

Love, Tamber


Becky said...

You may not like this idea but I am using cloth diapers again. I use disposables at night and if I am going out. I didn't buy any fancy covers, just the cheap venial ones. I am thinking about making some nicer covers though. There are free patterns online.

Becky said...

~Check out magazines from the library!
~Get rid of the home phone if you have cell phones.
~Use Skype. It is free and if your computer/laptop has a camera you can see who you are talking to.
~Homemade Christmas gifts.
(I am trying to get on top of things so I can do this one.)
~Draw names for Christmas.
~ Give the gift of a service. (I can think of a few things my hubby would like to "receive!")
~Keep your car tires properly inflated. Having under inflated tires uses more gas!
~ Use freecycle. (Shevaun turned me onto this.)
~ Install a programmable thermostat. In the winter keep the temperature at 60 degrees while you are awake and 50 degrees while you are asleep. Bundle up the kids and you will be saving a bundle as well.
~ Swap babysitting with friends.
~Brown bag your lunch!
~ Try fixing things yourself. We have saved THOUSANDS by Nate looking our car problems up on the internet and fixing it himself. Yes it takes longer but it is worth the money!
~Look on craigslist.
~Start a garden if possible. My friend found a plot of land in west Provo for FREE on freecycle where she planted a garden and has had more food than she knew what to do with.
~ Eat less meat. Beans are CHEAP and a great source of protein. I have some fantastic recipes for delicious meatless dishes if you want them.
~Plan cheap vacations. Camping is so fun and kids LOVE it!
~ Shop at thrift stores first.
~ Invest in a sewing machine (or maybe it could be a Christmas gift from someone). You will find a million things to do with it. Altering clothes, making clothes, window treatments, costumes, dolls, balls, blankets, etc.

Tash said...

Thanks for the coupon websites. I have been wondering where I can find great coupons. I saw that you have been buying your groceries for weeks at a time. Steven and I have been doing this since we got married, and it makes it so much easier not having to run to the store every couple of days.

Cort and Amy said...

We just bought 2 space heaters for our apartment and we have yet to turn on the heat. They're only $25 at WAlmart and save a ton on heating bills without freezing all the time.