Great new website...for moms of babies

I just heard about his amazing website. They have a feature baby item each day that goes on sale at 9 am each morning. Today they are featuring the baby legs, I think they are so cute, and if I had a little girl or a kid that was still crawling, I might be tempted. They only have so many of each item, and they may sale out in 15 minutes, and or they may have enough to last for most of that day. They have some really cute booties coming up tomorrow and a $200 diaper bag (one of Oprahs favortie things) on sale for $69 on Monday. Normally they don't tell you ahead of time what the product is going to be, but they gave a preview today, so check it out.


Love, Tamber


Dustin and Juls said...

I Love this this site! It's sad to admit, Im not a mom but check it out daily. Its part of my morning routine at work. I've gotten a few things for baby showers. Their stuff is always soo cute and it makes me a little baby hungry... It is great news they have a local pick up in Provo, it was only in SL for a while.

Austin and Jennifer Duke said...

My friend was telling me about this site! She says it's very addicting...