Thursday we had a family day that all enjoyed. After going to the temple open house we decided to go to the Owlz baseball game. The whole time in the temple Marcus kept saying 'bes-ball game night'. He loved it. It will have to be something that we do again cause the kids loved it.

Eric and Marcus on his shoulders.
Marcus at the game with his new mini bat.
Emma and Eric
me and marcus.

Emma, me and marcus
me and marcus
Emma and Hootz the owl.
Emma sticking her tounge out.
Emma smiling this time.

Love, Tamber


analyn said...

Hey Tamber,

Yay for triathlons! I'm doing Jordanelle and Yuba--both olympic lengths. I've been swimming during the lap hours at Scera pool because I froze my pass at the gym this summer. If you have any questions, I'm not sure I have full expertise to answer them, but I'll try. You'll do so well! When and where is this one you're doing? Loves.

Tamber said...

I am doing one at Daybreak. It is Sept 19th in Riverton right next to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. I am excited. It has really helped me stay motivated exercising. I am hoping to be able to do a half next summer. We will see.