Best Friends

I am so glad that my kids truly are best friends. Most of the time they play so well together. Today I was very grateful for that. I have had a cold the last couple of days and today my kids were stuck inside most of the day together. That meant that there was a lot of playing in their room together. They found a box and had fun posing for picture for me while they tried to squeeze in together.

Do you like how Marcus squints now in all the pictures that I take of him? I think that is how he poses for the camera.
Love, Tamber


Amy said...

They are too cute, gotta love the box play. Emma is so tan, its crazy

The Anderson's said...

Tamber! It's Kim Anderson here. Cute cute kids and I love that they are best friends:) Hey could you email me your address?? We are throwing a shower for Amber Mann and I wanted to send an invite your way... kka4ever@msn.com