Basketball Playtime

Tonight I am thankful for a loving husband and father. I couldn't ask for someone who is more loving and supportive of my children. He loves to play with them at night before bedtime. Tonight they had a little game of basketball. Emma was learning how to rebound when Marcus did miss the hoop. I think I have a little natural athlete on my hands with Marcus. He has a natural baseball swing, soccer kick and basketball shot. I got some video of him running around chasing the ball.

He also loves to 'football tackle'. It is his favorite thing to do with daddy. Poor Eric gets waken up by football tackles every morning and his with no compassion every time Marcus is bored or wants to just play.

This is a shot of Marcus shooting the ball. He nailed this shot from a couple of feet away. He is even bending his knees. Pretty good for a 21 month old.

Here is a shot that I took when the ball was rebounding right off the backboard to Marcus.

Here is some video of Marcus chasing after the basketball, missing a few shots and then finally making one.


Becky said...

Too cute. It's hard to believe that he is already almost one. Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

You think its hard to believe that he is already almost one, try 2!!!