Swim Lessons

Most of you know that I have taught swim lessons in the past. I still teach every once in a while for friends. Emma will not listen to me, so I figured I would put her in the local community swim lessons and see how she did. She went from being afraid of getting in the water to swimming 5-10 strokes straight without touching the bottom of the pool or lifting her head. She made enough progress that I think that I can help her out with the rest.

Today was her last day of swim lessons and she did great.

Emma before getting in.

Emma getting out of the pool after the lessons.

Emma and her class searching for rings on the bottom of the pool.

Emma looking for the rings on the bottom.

Love, Tamber

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Tyler and Kristen said...

She is her mother's daughter. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw her at the Olympics in 12 years! :-)