Here are some pictures from this past week. We went swimming at the Scera pool and played outside a lot. Marcus loves swimming. He has no fear. Yesterday I actually had to save him. We were all sitting in the spa at our Condo pool. Marcus decided that he would hop out of the spa and run and jump into the other pool where he cannot touch the bottom. He was probably floating there for about 6 seconds before I grabbed him. I was choking a lot when he came up, but ended up being okay. It freaked him out, but apparently not him, cause he tried to do the same thing again into the spa the second I set him down.
The rest of these pictures are of the kids climbing outside by our house. They love playing outside with their friends during the summer time.

Love, Tamber

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Cort and Amy said...

Emma is wearing the shorts we gave her! Cute! Glad they fit.