Dinosaur Museum

The kids and I decided to venture out today and go to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Note to self: People in Utah are cheap (as am I) and when there is any kind of a discount on activities it will be crowded. The picture below is of our view at the end of the line. The line wraps around the building with the dinosaur on it and then inside...CRAZY. Well really it only took us about 30 minutes to get inside, so it wasnt so bad.

Emma and Marcus climbing through the tunnel.
Marcus and Emma in front of a dinosaur skeleton which you cant see cause it was so dark in the background.
Marcus and Emma standing in front of the foot of a dino.
Marcus playing in the sand/water mess. He kept throwing the sand at everyone. What a devil.
Marcus and Emma playing
Emma digging up a fossil.
Marcus playing in the sand (he didnt really understand the whole fossil thing)
Emma and Marcus digging the fossil.
Love, Tamber

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Homer and Queen said...

So did you guys get tickets?