Half-Marathon Training Update

(The picture above is of my running at the end of my triathlon...don't you see the pain in my face. Tamber= not a runner)

Me, A runner?!? That is what I keep asking myself. To me it seems odd. It has never really been something that I have enjoyed or anticipated in my weekly routine.

But, that is why I decided to do something different, to challenge myself physically and mentally. I have always been up for a good challenge. No matter what I expected when I started training for this half marathon, my body still seems to amaze me. I think in the back of my head I doubted myself in ways. Mostly because of past joint problems in my knees, but it is almost like my body is thriving off of the adrenalin. I always thought that people who described a runners high were crazy. Now I know for myself that it exists.

I am starting to up my Saturday runs and challenge myself a little more.

Here is a record of how much and what I have been running.

Jan 9th - 2.47 miles
Jan 13th - 4.17 miles
Jan 19th -1.64 miles
Jan 21st- 1.32 miles
Jan 29th- 3.53 miles
Feb 1st- 2.99 miles
Feb 3rd-3.12 miles
Feb 8th- 1.86 miles
Feb 11th-2.27 miles
Feb 15th-4.02 miles
Feb 16th-2.5 miles
Feb 23rd-3.13 miles
Feb 24th-2.54 miles
Feb 25th-3.86 miles
March 1st - 4.15 miles
March 2nd- 2.79 miles
March 6th-5.09 miles
March 9th-2.66 miles
March 10th-3.28 miles
March 12th-6.04 miles
March 15th-3 miles
March 17th-4.25 miles
March 20th - 5.0 miles

Some days have been harder than others to get out the door, but I have not once regretted a run. 85 days and counting.

Love, Tamber


Jimmy, Diane and Bentley said...

Tamber, you are amazing! I am really impressed. I am not a runner but would like to learn to enjoy it, maybe I'll have to give it a shot. Good goin', you're awesome!

Amy said...

What half marathon are you doing? Seriously recording how far I've run is a huge motivator for me. Keep it up!! You're awesome.