In my dreams....

The last couple of weeks has been a disaster (literally) in our home. We tore out the carpet to replace it and found some water damage.

The Source: Crack in the foundation.

The Problem: The HOA presidency is in mass chaos right now and no one wants to listen or even look at the problem

The Result: A house of disorder (hopefully temporary) including no carpet in bedroom, doors and dresser in living room, the inability to use our table due to all the other stuff from the bedroom being stuffed underneath it and nails sticking up all over our room causing us to have to keep our kids out of our room.

So, after all the being said, here are some pictures that are making me happy to even dream that I might be able to one day have a home with any resemblance to these photos...

I very calming bathroom...cant wait to have one of those that I dont have to share with kids.

A Serene Bedroom

A fun playroom...I love the map up on the wall

An amazing and refreshing fireplace/wall. (I am in love with the wood paneling...not your traditional dark paneling)

Okay, I love the elegance of this room....but I doubt I will ever have a room like this in my house, I just love the idea of having a chalkboard for the BYU Football Schedule.

And.....A true dream kitchen. I love the open feeling, all the glass, and the freshness of the whole area. Now, I know...this is a huge kitchen and I will probably, okay...I will never have a kitchen that big, but I love the idea. Oh, and being the daughter of a brick mason, I think that I will HAVE to have an exposed brick wall in my future home. It is probably one of my favorite accent ideas.

This is the same kitchen, just a different view. Dont you love the beams on the ceiling?!?

This bathroom is so tranquil, just not a lot of storage.

Alright, now you know what my dreams have been consisting of lately...hopefully one day they will come true.

Love, Tamber


Cort and Amy said...

I didn't have time to clean our house before we left on our trip and when we came home, Cortney said "It looks like someone robbed us" and I said, "no, hunny, I just didn't clean" so this week I've been trying to put a lot of order back in our disorderly home and have succomed to the fact that a lot of it will have to wait for the weekend when we have a little more free time.

Your situation sounds awful and I don't envy you at all, I do however, love all the pictures you posted and think we have similar taste. Wish I were there to help you. I'd be there in a second.

Becky said...

I am so sorry. That is so frustrating. I hate when a "quick project" turns into much much more. I hope it all gets worked out soon. But I do love all of your pictures. You should put links to where you found them so we can see more.

Good luck.