Done....and Done!

I finished in about 2 hours 24 minutes and 38 seconds (that's not official, that is off my ipod). I am so glad that I went under 2:30.

We got up the canyon at 4:20 and had to wait for all the other runners to get there. It was freezing! Luckily they were prepared and had 6 or 7 fire pits that we could stand around. It was kind of cool talking to people and hearing their stories. One lady next to me turns 55 on Sunday and signed up so that she could cross it off of her bucket list. oh, and that's not all. In the last year she has lost 104 lbs all on her own while getting in shape for it. That really shows you that anyone can do it. She was so inspiring.

I started out at a good pace, about 10:00/ mile. At about mile 3 through 5 I was struggling and dropped to about a 11:15 pace. Then I caught a second wind when I say my family around mile 7. Right after my family I noticed that I was keeping pace with a girl next to me, so I started talking to her and she pushed me pretty good. We finished mile 7-12.5 together holding about a 9:50 pace (and we didn't stop once to walk). She kept me busy and we talked to get to know each other which made it a lot easier. Then around mile 11, I was really feeling it! I wanted to stop and walk but because I had her I didn't. I kept feeling like I was going to puke.

The last .5 mile (which seemed a lot longer than that) I took off and finished hard. It felt so good to cross that finish line. I had to continue to hold back the puke for about 20 minutes though. My body was thoroughly exhausted.

I was very proud of myself and happy with accomplishing my goal.

I think I am going to do the same half next year.

Now it is time for me to say Good Night cause I am in desperate need of a nap!



Cort and Amy said...

yay! i was praying for you and you did awesome! you've inspired me to want to do one next year. we can train together and keep each other motivated. good job tamber. now go eat something awesome!

Tara said...

AWESOME! I wish I was there with you! I wanna run one and it would be great to train with it with you and run together (even though you would smoke me!) Miss you! I am so happy that you accomplished your goal!!

Becky said...

You are awesome!!!! Congratulations on reaching your goal. After this baby comes I really need to do a half.

Jennifer said...

Yay Tamber! You did so great! You've worked hard and accomplished something hard and I'm so happy for you!

The race yesterday just left me annoyed. I just didn't do as well as I want. I am looking around for another one to run this summer so I can make my goal time.

Amy said...

Tamber, that's awesome. I can't believe you could converse during it!! I was way too out of breath. Good job woman!!

Jenny said...

Tamber, I found your blog from Heidi's. Great work! Maybe I'll join you for the half next year!

Hawkins Family said...

You're awesome Tamber!