Emma Graduates Preschool

Last week I was able to go with Emma to school the whole day for her last day of school.
We had a blast. She showed me all around, we ate lunch together,and I watched her go get her graduation certificate.
She and her class put together a program with lots of songs to sing to the parents. Here is a video of one of them.

The day after preschool was out, we took her over to the local elementary school and signed her up for Kindergarten. We are lucky to live in an area where the schools are amazing.
She will be going to Cherry Hill Elementary.
It is sometimes scary to think how old it makes me because I have a
daughter that is going to start kindergarten soon, but I am so glad that Emma is
who she is. She brings joy to my life everyday.
Her laugh is contagious and I couldn't ask for a bigger helper than she is.

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