I am really excited for this day to finally be here. Althought I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, I have been training for the past 5 months for this, so I am excited to see how I do. Why mixed emotions? I am scared, excited, nervous, anxious and so much more. I am excited for the fun of the race, I am nervous because I want to finish under 2.5 hours, and I am scared that things won't go my way.

The only reason I am scared things won't go my way is that this whole time I have pictured 'race day' as a sunny summer day and of coarse with my luck is is suppose to be cold and possibly rainy. Normally i wouldn't mind this, but with my allergy to the cold, I can't let my skin get cold or I will start to swell, get hives, light headed, etc. So, I am going to over dress so that I can peel clothes off if I need.

I will give you all an update tomorrow after the race if I am not dead in the road.

Love, Tamber


Jimmy, Diane and Bentley said...

Good luck Tamber!! You're amazing!

Zach "Sunshine" Anderson said...

A little rain is perfect for a running day. Trust me. Let me know how it goes! Good luck!