School's Out For Summer

Unlike the song 'School's Out For Summer' by Alice Cooper (which I have always loved) the phrase now brings new meaning. As a kid I dont think that I ever looked forward to anything more that summer, especially since I love swimming. That made summer even more desirable. Now as a mom it the phrase 'Schools Out For Summer' makes me quiver in my apron.

Don't get me wrong. I love my kids...both of them, equally. But there is something quite intimidating about entertaining your children for 3 months. Especially cause we dont have any fun vacations planned this summer. We dont have excess money lying around that I can take them to the local water park or indoor discovery museum. This is going to be an old school summer. One where I have to entertain them. So, in order to be prepared and not look back the last day of summer and say 'Where did our summer go?', we decided to make a list of things we wanted to do this summer. I will keep you updated as we mark things off of our list.

Here it is...Thing we want to do this summer:

Slip N Slide

Water Bucket Day

Make a Lemonade Stand

Obstacle Course (www.ehow.com/how_3113_set-obstacle-course.html )


Water Park (on the day that my work pays = free)

Visit New Parks (Once a week – Tuesdays)



Go see Dollar Movie

Make Edible Play dough

Bike Rides

Go see water falls

Water Fight Day

Paint with Pudding

Write Letters to Friends that live far away

Go Fishing

Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt (www.allthatstuff.net/treasurehunt.htm )

Make a small box garden

Video Tape Singing

Have a Talent Show


Play Frisbee

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Practice Hoola Hooping

Make Finger Paint

Animal Farm

Ride the Tram up mountains (might be too expensive)

Learn Moonwalk

Clean up a Trail/Road

Make A Movie

Make A Fire Plan

Find A Pen Pal (www.stonesoup.com/main2/penpal.html )

Tie Dye T-shirts

Track the moon phases in a book

Keep a Journal of what you do this summer

Make a video of re enacted scripture story (Animoto.com – video software)

The Butterfly Experience

Decorate Flip Flops

Go to Summer Fest (June 11-12)

Play Sponge Football (with a soaking wet sponge)

Solar Cook Lunch (Bagel Bites)

Weekly Hiking Trip with Friends (Thursdays)

Paint Rocks

Make a Bird Feeder

Splash Pad (5400 W Civic Center, Highland Utah)

What are your plans for this summer?



Tara said...

Its funny how summers used to be so awesome and now like you said they are scary! I am not looking forward to that! I like you ideas I might have to steal a few but I know they would be a lot more fun with a few friends :( ...:) Miss you guys!

Cort and Amy said...

Good idea about making a list of fun things to do so you don't get too bored. Lately its been so hot and I've been so huge, our days are consumed by Will running through the sprinklers multiple times a day and then coming to the basement to be cool and watch tv. And I'll be honest that Will has watched a lot more tv than usual this past week, but I don't feel bad at all! Desperate times call for desperate measures! And its a good thing he loves the food network!