What's Next

I have been on Cloud nine and it has finally sunk in that I have finished a half marathon. Though I am very proud of myself, I was not sure what I was going to do next. I love to have something to work toward.
Drum roll please. The next adventure is going to be The Dirty Dash. It is a 10K mud race. How fun does that sound?!?

I need some friends though. I think it would be a lot more fun to do it with someone. Anyone want to take me up on it?

It is going to be on September 25th at Soldier Hollow. They have 10 different obstacles that you have to go through including a mud pit, high wall, and water balloon launch (where the spectators can throw water balloons at the runners). I am so excited. I am totally going to do it. Who wants to join? Let me know.

Love, Tamber


Becky said...

That sounds so fun! I wish I could do it with you.

Amy said...

Hmmm... I think it sounds like a blast. I'm in. How does one train for this??? Mud wrestling?

Tamber said...

haha...Seriously? I dont know how to train for it other than run. I think the rest is just fun.

Taryn said...

TAMBER i would do it with you!! do you think tim would let me take september off to train for it?..... ;)
um jk. haha. looks like fun though!!