Sum it all up....more to come

This pretty much sums up the McAllister Family Reunion. I had to put this picture up for Cort and Amy. I will have much more to come about the Family reunion in Kanab, but I just figured I would give you a little preview. I think that the family picture session was the most that I have ever laughed while taking pictures. Between Kieth sitting in the chair, cracking jokes about how all the guys want pictures of Chase (Dustin's 'friend') and Gracie screaming her head off, my stomach was sore afterward.
Love, Tamber


Gail B said...

!!! that is a good picture. I look forward to more pics.

Brooke said...

LOVE it! He would die if he knew you put that on here. I can already tell I will need to get copies of your pictures. PLEASE! Can't wait to see more