The drive.

Many of you have asked how the drive home from California was with 1 adult and 2 children. Here are the stats:

7 potty stops
4 stops for food and stretching
1 playground (at McDonalds)
13 cops in Elko
4 hours of pouring rain
13.5 hour drive (including stops)

The norm...
3 potty stops
2 stops for food
10 hour drive

It did take quite a while at each stop because we had a list of things that we had to do(take Emma potty, change marcus' diaper, get Emma and Tamber food, get gas, rearange movies and toys, take Emma potty again, feed marcus a bottle, make 2 spare bottles to use during driving). Luckily, I survived the crying, fighting, screaming, teething, movie blasting and much more. Hopefully I never have to do it again, but if I did, I know to leave at night time so that both kids sleep most of the time.

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