Our plans have changed...Eric flew home on Tuesday Evening. He ended up feeling like he really needed to be at his classes all week. I decided that I would stay with the kids for a couple of extra days. I dont get the chance to come out to California and see my family except once a year. Even though I do miss my husband terribly, we are having fun spending time with everyone. It has been one event after another. San Francisco, BBQ's, Jelly Belly Factory, swimming, lots of food, The Sacramento Zoo, Fairy Tale Land, and much more hanging out. I will update with lost of pictures when we get back from our trip. I am not quite sure when I am coming back, I am sure sometime next week when I can get lots of sleep the night before so that the drive home with two kids isnt too terrible.

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Gail B said...

Be safe driving. You're brave to be there with two kids. I'm glad that you're having a great time. So is Fairy Tale Land just as cool as I remember it? I can imagine it's starting to look old and creepy now.