The Daunting Task.

So, many of you know that I have been looking for a swim suit for months and literally mean months. I started looking in APRIL since we were going to California, but that was a lost cause. I guess that my hold up was that I love the Sahde and ModeBe swim suits, but I cant justify $80 even though they are soooooooooooo cute. I ended up deciding that my budget didnt stretch that far. Good Old Target saved me again and came to the rescue. I had gone there in April, but they didn't have anything that fit well. This time they did have something really cute that didnt make me look like an 26 year old woman with 80 year old boobs.
I do have to say that the days of being comfortable running around in a swim suit (like I did from age 5-22) are long past. I guess I just got use to being so comfortable in a swim suit after all of my competetive swimming years, that I never realized how uncomfortable of a situation being in a swim suit can be. After retireing the competative swimming 4 years ago and having 2 children since, I decided that I needed to accept that my body has changed and it most likely will never be the way that it once was. Dont get me wrong, I know I have another 40 lbs to loose, but the shape will never be like it use to.
I guess the long and extended point and moral of the story is...be happy with your body and remember the wonderful things that it can do, like bear children rather than focusing on the things that it can't fit into.

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tom & laura said...

ew, yes...swimming suit shopping is an icky task! besides 16 year old girls, who REALLY looks good in a swimming suit. especially after kids! gotta love target. they've saved me many times in the swimming suit department! your attitude about the whole thing couldn't be better, though. i wish i could think like that!!!