Emma's 3rd Birthday Party

Today we had Emma's 3rd Birthday Party with our Neighborhood Friends. We actually had a combined birthday party with one of her friends Brayden. We had a slip-n-slide, a baby pool, lots of yummy food, fun friends and tons of fun. I made the Birthday cakes and then we gave all of the kids squirt guns and bubbles. It turned out really cute and we had a blast. I hope that everyone that came had as much fun as we did but went home with less of a burn than Emma and I. I was so busy getting everything ready this morning for the party that I forgot to spray Emma and I with Sunscreen...I will try and get a picture of that and put it up tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Emma and Brayden!


tom & laura said...

how fun! super cute butterfly cupcakes!

Tash said...

Happy late Birthday Emma! Looked like a great party. You did a wonderful job with the cupcakes.