Emmas Dance


This morning I had the Primary Song CD on and the kids and I were just hanging out listening to it, and Emma started dancing really cute. I thought it would make a good video. I love how she flicks her foot up every once in a while. I dont know if you can hear the songs in the background, but it is kind of funny the way that she is dancing to these church songs.

PS...I cant believe how big she is getting. It doesnt seem like I am old enough to have a child this big. I guess I am getting old.


Anonymous said...

Your video doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Works now, thanks.

Cort and Amy said...

I can't believe how big Emma is getting. It sucks being away from you guys and missing out on this stuff, but at least we have the internet to keep up on everything. 3 years old...holy crap!

Bells said...

I have not laughed that hard in a long time! Emma is so full of life and fun. I've got to show Ems this in the morning.