Emma's Bad Behavior

Emma has been overreacting to everything lately. This time she was on timeout because she hit and then started screaming at me because I wouldnt let her play with soem easter stuff that she found that was in the pile of stuff that I needed to take out to the shed. Someone please help me......The last 3 days she has been doing this constantly, and I dont know what else to do. Nothing seems to help. I know that the video is dark, but you will get the idea of what she was doing on timeout. Did you see the spitting!!!AHHHHH, it agrivates me.


Erin said...

I am no help at all on this subject whatsoever, but I am pretty sure it's just a phase. It's summer, it's hot, she's probably just overtired and I'm sure she'll come out of it soon. You really are doing a good job, your kids are adorable...even if they do spit!

The May's said...

I am sorry that it has been a hard couple of days. I would say lets get them together and let them run around, but we know how well that worked today... we can't leave those two alone for a second!

Cort and Amy said...

I know I have these days coming towards me soon- probably much sooner than I'm expecting. I already scared and starting to read the supernanny books.

tom & laura said...

excuse me while i let out a HUGE sigh of relief knowing that it's not just MY kids! she and kennedy are the same age, and sadly this video seriously makes me feel better (sorry, that doesn't sound very nice). i guess it really is just a phase and the age! here's hope that they grow out of it soon!

p.s. i love that you recorded the tantrum! hilarious!