Flashback Friday. . . Happy Birthday Dad!

I think that this picture was taken on the weekend of my dad's wedding to Misty. My dad is the best dad ever. I don't think that he always gets the credit that he deserves, so in honor of him I am going to write my top ten favorite things about him.

1. My father has always been a spiritual strength in my life. I cannot imagine going through some of the things that he has had to go through and yet he comes out the other end of theses experiences stronger than ever.

2. My dad has always show me that his relationship with me was as important as all of his other children. I remember multiple times as a child coming home from school and finding a note on my bed asking me out on a 'daddy daughter' date. Even to this day he makes an attempt to keep in touch and offer advice and love as he sees fit.

3. Every time he comes to visit, I know that I will get a huge bear hug. It is the same hug that I have received all of my life from him. He wraps me up in his arms and sends chills through my body. You can fill the love radiate.

4. I feel like I have had the opportunity to learn many things that most women dont learn...and these things are things that I have learned from my dad. He is a self-learned handy-and-everything-else-MAN. I remember the summer after my sophmore year in college while I was living at home. He and I would work on the house in the early evening and then go see a new movie that just came out. It was such a fun summer to learn new things and get to know my dad better.

5. My dad is very protective and always looking for the best for his children (and he knows how to show it in a funny way). When Eric was going to ask my dad if he could marry me, my dad new it was coming (thanks to everyone in my family who cant keep a secret). He took us to dinner at Take 5 in Murray Utah and when we sat down Eric procceded to ask for permission. My dad stopped him mid sentence and pulled out and envalope of questions that my mom had wrote. My dad preceded to tell Eric that if he could answer more questions right than my dad could then he could marry me. Funny thing was that Eric beat him by one. Needless to say...Eric was 'allowed' to marry me.

6. My dad has a great sense of humor even at serious times. When Eric and I were getting sealed in the temple, my dad was bringing Erics ring from California and I wasnt going to see my dad before the ceremony. So, my dad was suppose to bring the ring into the temple for a ring exchange. I told the sealer that this was suppose to happen and when the sealer asked for the ring from my dad, my dad gave a serious, yet worried look. My heart skipped a beat for a moment but then I realized that my dad was trying to trick me. Anyways, it made for a great laugh and eased the mood a little.

7. My dad knows how to hide and jump out and scare anyone. I remember from the time I was little that he would hide when you werent expecting it and try and jump out and scare you. I always loved it. The funny thing is that Misty says that he still does this to Trace, Tashly, Teven and herself.

8. He is one good looking man...in high school, all of my friends had a crush on him. I guess it helps that he was young too.

9. My dad is a daredevil and wiling to do ANYTHING (I think) at least once. He would have been great at that sho FEAR OR NO FEAR.

10. He is still so young at heart. This can be proven from multiple things....hiking tall mountains, playing with my children on their level, cliff jumping at lake powel, trying to drive the jet ski close to the inflateable island and then abandoning the vehicle to jump and conquer.

I know that this was really long, but I dont know where to stop when it comes to my dad. He is an amazing dad and father.

I love you dad!! Happy Birthday!!

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Becky said...

Your dad is awesome...oh and he is one handsome man! ;)