Shopping Sales.....love it

Old Navy was having a limited time sale on all of their summer stuff with an additional 50% off of everything clearance. I was able to get 1 dress, 4 shirts, 2 light jackets, for the kids for $20, and I bought the most expensive things that were on sale. I don't think that there was anything above $3.99. I love shopping sales. Thank goodness i have good friends that let me know when there are good sales (thanks tara). These are my two favorite items that I bought.


lapierrefamily said...

you gotta love the sales!! i love the dress! I got reese the same one! we have good taste!

Cort and Amy said...

Is it still going on? Let me know if it is. I'll go Monday.

The Davis Fam said...

I always love finding good buys. Those shirts are adorable! I'll call you whenever I hear of good deals.