Kids Say the Darnest things...

I thought this tag was really cute. I asked all Emma all of these questions this afternoon. Here it goes...

Q: What does mommy always say to you?

A: No,No hitting! (Daddy says..."go in your room"

Q: What makes mommy happy?

A: A smile

Q: What makes mommy sad?

A: Make you happy is no no hitting (I have no clue what that means)

Q: What makes mommy laugh?

A: When Marcus laughs.

Q:How old is mommy?

A: Maybe 6. Then I was curious and asked how old is grandpa Lynn, and she said, ummm, maybe 20 minutes. ( How did I get older than grandpa Lynn)

Q:How Tall is Mommy?

A: Bigger

Q: What does mommy not like to do?

A:Make you happy

Q: What is mommy's job?

A: milk

Q: What is mommy's favorite food?

A: Pizza ( not really...thats just what we had for dinner)

Q:How do you know that mommy loves you?

A: A package

Q: What makes daddy happy?

A: Making mommy smile

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with dad?

A: Clean the dishes

Emma didnt like all of the questions. Each time she would say " I DONT KNOW!!!" and then I would have to reask her and she would answer more the next time. Any of you that have kids old enough for this, you should ask them. Some kids are really cute how they do it.

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Becky said...

Too too cute! I love her answers (uh...maybe 20 minutes.)