Bad Hair Day....

I got my hair cut on Monday....bad Idea. I hate it, so if you don't see me or my awful hair cut in any pictures or in real life for a couple of months, then you know why.

I asked the lady to do the back of my hair at shoulder length, and she did the front of my hair at shoulder length and stacked the back so short that she had to buzz my neck....AHHHHHHH...I am so frustrated!

I had Jenny McArthy's hair cut in mind when I went in, except just a little longer in the front. Here is a picture that I found. It is completely different than what I had in mind.

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Austin and Jennifer Duke said...

She BUZZED your neck?! I hate getting a cut that I didn't describe. I really want to see your hair- I'm sure it's cuter than you think.
Oh, the tomatoes turned out fine- and it's okay, I know you're super busy. Is your number in the ward directory even right? It's busy every time I try and call.