Emma's First Day of School

We took Emma to her first day of preschool today. She was so excited. She is going to Adventure Time in Provo. Her teachers name is miss aubrey, and she has 5 kids in her class. She was so excited when they started playing with blocks. Anyways, here are some pictures. In front of the playground

In front of the preschool.

Emma playing with Lilly and Brianna.


The May's said...

Emma looks so cute! I hope Brayden is that excited on his first day of school!

The Prisbrey Times said...

How cute!!! I can't believe she's already going to preschool. You were just pregnant with her. They grow up too fast!!! Darnit! I'm so glad we have these blogs so I can watch your kids grow up from so far away. Give them a big hug!
Bye the way, congrats on the new job!!!