Wedding Ring Issues

Well, I dont know if you can tell or not, but my wedding ring broke Saturday night. I don't know what to do about it. I was just sitting outside, and I leaned back to put my hand on the pavement, and I felt it just snap. Has anyone ever seen anything like this happen? It is White Gold, and I haven't gotten it resealed in a couple of years, but I didnt think that not doing so would make it break. If anyone has some explainations or advice, please let me know. I sm very sad that I dont have my ring...I might have to just go buy a fake one for the meantime.


The Davis Fam said...

I have a fake one that you can have. What ring size are you? I need to give you that book too.

The Prisbrey Times said...

Mine did this a few years ago! I just took it into a jeweler and they melted it back together. And I don't think it cost very much. Go check it out at a couple of jewelers. They say that they wear out especially if your ring was made smaller in the beginning. Hasn't done it since. But I can see the line still.

Austin and Jennifer Duke said...

Tamber! I've been trying to call for a while but your line is busy. i don't even know if you'll check this tonight, but I'm going to can my tomatoes tomorrow if you want to come and learn. If you can't, I'll be canning again with the next bunch of tomatoes. Let me know if you want to come and I hope you get this tonight.