Money Saving Goal

I just made a goal to try and save some more money. I have realized that my cupboards are stuffed with cans that are taking up space, boxes that have been there for months, and food that will most likely be thrown away if I dont use it soon. So, I was thinking the other day about a way that I could force myself to use these things.

The answer....I bet you are curious. Well, I decided to push myself a little farther than I normally would. My goal is to not go grocery shopping for 3 weeks. The only things that I am allowing myself to buy (if absolutely necessary) are diaper and whole milk for Marcus. I hope that this helps me be more creative with my meals, and I hope that I can save a little money in the process.

So, what do you think....do you think that you could just do that right now, without going grocery shopping before making the goal? I know that some people do this on a regular basis, but for me, someone who goes grocery shopping about 2-3 times a week, this is a big deal.

Let me know what you think! I am curious to see if any of you have done this before.

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