Football season ...you can feel it in the air

On Thursday night we went to 'Meet the Cougars' at BYU. It really got us excited about the upcoming BYU Football season. Here is a list of things that we were able to do:

1. Eric and Emma played water balloon volleyball with the BYU Volleyball players
2. Emma raced around the cross country track
3. We ate BYU Dryers Ice Cream
4. We stood in line to Dunk Reno Mahe and then when Emma chickened out Eric told Reno to 'give them hell' if he was able to sign with a team this year
5. Walked around the Indoor Practice field looking for cool parafanellia.
6. Listened to Branco talk about how amazing and smart the freshman class is.
7. Looked for Cosmo the entire time and failed to find him.
8. Ran into other BYU fans that we knew
9. Bought our 'THE Qwest" shirts that Branco asked everyone to wear to the football games (and if your neighbor isnt wearing one, to tell them to get one for the next game)
10. Most of all, we got pumped up for the amazing season that BYU is going to have.

Our house is pumped for the upcoming season and we hope that you all are as well.

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