Bridal Shower

I had a blast doing Tawni's Bridal Shower this weekend. I started by asking everyone to cut a piece of string at whatever length that they wanted. After everyone had cut their string, they had to talk about Tawni and how they knew Tawni while they wrapped the whole string around their finger. It was pretty funny some of the stories that we heard about Tawni.

Then we played a matching game that I made. It was played like basic memory (picking two at a time and looking for a match), but everytime someone got a match they got a candy bar that associated with the words on that piece of paper. Here were the presents...

Butterfingers = First Date Interactions

Hugs = Warm Embraces

Pay Day = Wedding Ring Purchase Date

5th Avenue = The Wedding Dress Shop

Twix = Bachelor Party Pranks

Mounds = Gifts

Hot Tamales = The Bride

Mr. Big = The Groom

Big Hunk = The Groom

Sweet Tarts = The Bride & Groom

Nerds = The In-Laws

Lifesavers = The Parents

Sugar Daddy = Father of the Bride

Runts = The Flower Girl & the Ringbearer

Treasures = Wedding Photos

100 Grand = The Reception

Kisses = What Reception Guests Clink Glasses For

Fast Break = Leaving the Reception

Skor = The Honeymoon Night

O'Henry = Bride's Honeymoon Cry

Starburst = Groom's Honeymoon Reverie

Baby Ruth = 9 Months After the Honeymoon

Zero = Post-Wedding Bank Accounts

Park Avenue = Couple's Dream Home Location

Rocky Road = The First Year

Emma helping Tawni open the presents

My Aunt Cricket, my cousin Taisha and Tawni

Two of tawni's friends Janea and Aspen

Tawni, Jessa and Katie

My cousin Abby, my Aunt BJ and my Aunt Brook

Lastly we had Dan's mom interview him on the video tape, and then at the Bridal Shower we had Tawni answer the question for herself and then how she thought that Dan would answer it. It was pretty funny. Here are the questions that we asked the groom...

1. Who are you named after? / Who named you?

2. What is your shoe size?

3. What is your favorite song?

4. If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

5. What is your least favorite food?

6. What is the nickname your family has for you?

7. What is the name of your first girlfriend?

8. What was the name of your first pet?

9. What do you think the bride's most annoying habit is?

10. When did you know it was love and she was "the one"?

11. When and What did you do on your first date?

12. How are you going to split up the house cleaning when you get married?

13. When do you want to have kids and how many?

14. Besides the Wedding Night, what excites you the most about the wedding?

15. What do you Love most about Tawni?

I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did. Congratulations Tawni, we are excited for your wedding.

Love, Tamber

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