Disney on Ice

Emma, Marcus and I went to Disney on Ice today. Some of the pictures are not very clear, but you get the idea. We had a blast.

The opening scene in the show.

Emma was enthralled. Nothing could distract her at the beginning.

Here is marcus dancing to the music and loving it.

Emma wore her Tinker Bell outfit to the show. This is a picture of the kids after the show. They are both so photogenic.

This is a video of Marcus rocking out to the show. He really had a blast. You can see him getting into the music and clapping.

This is going to have to be a yearly tradition for us. It was so much fun. Emma's Grandpa Lynn already said that he wants to go with her next time they come into town (he was jealous when Emma told him all about the show). We had a great day hanging out with Grandpa after the show. We played Hop Scotch, basketball and pretend garden. Then we went out to ice cream to top it all of. I am so glad that the kids love their grandparents so much. We had such a wonderful and fun family day. Hopefully we can do more fun things like this again.

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