Magnetic dolls

Emma got these magnetic dolls for Christmas, and I completely forgot about them until this week. They had been hidden in the closet until now. She has spent probably 10 hours this week playing with them. She loves when her and I play with them together.

Love, Tamber


lapierrefamily said...

where did you get those dolls from they are awesome!

Cort and Amy said...

Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing. That would be an awesome present to have on hand for birthdya parties. We're already starting to go to little kid birthday parties and my baby isn't even 1 yet! I better start having the "gift box" like our mom's used to have for last minute gifts.

Tamber said...

I dont know exactly where my mom got it...here is a smaller gift set that I found... http://www.safeandsecurebaby.com/Nina-Ballerina-Magnetic-Dress-Up-Doll-by-Melissa-Doug-pr-16814.html

AND here is another similar one...


I havent been able to find this exact set though.