Flashback Friday

This picture was taken when Eric and I were Engaged. I laugh every time I see this picture. Look at how skinny both of us were. If you look on the very left, there is a medal tower thing. Eric and his friends use to have a Stanley cup trophy that they passed around for the person who's favorite hockey team won the real Stanley cup that year. Oh, and then there is the couch, that is the one that we just got rid of. Anyway, there aren't many times these days that we get to cuddle on the couch like we did when we were dating. I try and take advantage of those moments. I love my husband so much, isn't he handsome!
Love, Tamber


lapierrefamily said...

HOLY CRAP!! Eric is so tiny! You guys look so young! Cute!

Cort and Amy said...

I miss the couch