FLashback Friday - Swimming

Most of you know that I use to be a swimmer. I use to love to swim. I swam competitively for 17 years and experienced some great things because of my swimming. I love these pictures of me. They were taken at an Oak Ridge High School Swim Meet. Those were some very fun times for me.

I have dreams (probably weekly) that I am still swimming or training or competing. I really do miss it. Mostly I miss the feeling of being in that good of shape. Maybe one day when my kids are in school I can start swimming again for fun. For now I swim to workout, and that is about it.

Love, Tamber


Cort and Amy said...

Swimming is awesome. I wish I would have gotten into it sooner. Sometime you'll have to help me get a good swimming routine down or help me know what is a good time for certain strokes. Cort's muscles have toned up a lot since he started swimming and I'm desperately hoping my mommy muscles follow suit.

Brooke said...

These flashback fridays are so fun to look at. I really should do it, but have a hard enough time keeping up to date on my blog as it is. Maybe someday!

Yes we will be at the reunion this summer. It should be fun. It will be fun to see how Ryker and Marcus interact together. They sound like they are just alike!

Nikki said...

I still have swimming dreams!! Why is that? You were an amazing swimmer! Good times