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Well, I am finally home from Oklahoma City. It was a great trip, and fun to watch all of our swimmers go so fast, but I am excited to be home and doing my normal routine. I missed my family so much.

On Saturday night while I was gone, Eric called me to tell me that Marcus had opened the oven and burned his hands on the door. Of coarse I was so worried until I got home Sunday evening. Luckily, he is okay, I just feel bad for the little guy.

Here is a picture of his wrapped hand after I took him to the doctor yesterday.

Here is a picture of the burn. Basically at the doctor, they cut away all of the blisters and dead skin, which Marcus screamed during. Then they covered it all in an antibacterial cream, and then they wrapped it all up so that he couldn't bother it or get dirt into it. We have to go back the next two days to have them re-wrap it again, and then the doctor will let us do it after that. Hopefully it heals fast and goes well. Here is a picture of the burn before the doctors cut into it. It looks a lot worse now because it is full of raw skin.

Yesterday was my first day back to my normal days, and what happens, oh, both of our cars broke down within 20 minutes of each other. Niether of them have been working very well. I guess now we have to figure out what our next move is. Eric fixed one, but says it still isnt running very well. Our other one just ran out of gas, but something else with the fuel pump or filter or gauge is wrong. Wish us luck in our fun car adventures. I swear that I have the worst luck with cars!

Love, Tamber


Brooke said...

Poor Marcus! I think every little boy has to have this happen. I swear him and Ryker come from the same mold. Ryker did this a few months ago. Marcus' looks a lot worse than Rykers was, but now when we say "hot" he knows not to touch. Hopefully they learned their lesson.

Brooke said...
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The May's said...

OH, his poor hand!! I hope he is feeling ok! I am so worried that this will happen to Alex. He opens the oven all the time, but thankfully it have never been on!
Oh, and it's official, I am coming home in April!!

Austin and Jennifer Duke said...

Oh Tamber, that's awful about little Marcus's hands! And while you're away too- that'd make it worse not being able to be there for him. Good luck with EVERYTHING and hopefully your luck turns around!

Cort and Amy said...

I was on the phone with Ike when this happened...it sounded pretty painful. Glad he seems to be doing better.

Becky said...

That looks terrible! Poor little man!

Hawkins Family said...

Poor Marcus! I wondered what happened when I saw him at church with Eric and he looked like they were taped up. I had seen him Saturday afternoon and he was fine. Poor kid. Hopefully they're all healed up by now! Carter sure had fun playing with Emma and Marcus all week! We'll have to get them together to play again soon.