Meet the Cougars

We have a little tradition in our family to attend 'Meet the Cougars Night' at BYU. They have a bunch of fun activities for the kids as well as posters of the teams that you can take around and get signatures of all the athletes and football players. The kids love going. The Cross Country team had a running race course and a goal that the kids could kick soccer balls into. These were the kids favorite activites. Here are some pictures...

Emma playing soccer.

Emma and marcus running the race.

Emma and Marcus

Marcus finishing the race.
Emma rounding the corner and Marcus way back there in the blue shirt.

Emma finishing the race.
Emma rounding the corner.
Marcus getting ready to kick the soccer ball. Emma felt like she needed to explain to him how to do it, but he knows very well how to do it.
Love, Tamber

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Darin and Shannon said...

I cant believe how big emma is! She looks so old! You made some good looking kids Tamber!