One of the things that we did at the family reunion was Golf. The first day we were there Eric, Lynn, Kieth and me and our kids went golfing in Mount Carmel.Lynn Swinging at the golf ball.
Lynn getting ready to hit the ball

Emma in the golf cart basket. She rode in here for a while.

Emma sitting in the basket of the golf cart
Emma driving the golf cart
The kids in the Golf Cart.

Eric taking a practice swing.

We had a blast golfing. The first day was a lot of fun. I pared two holes on that course. I definitely miss golfing. Eric and I use to play a lot more before we had the kids. One thing I do remember about playing was that when I hit too many bad shots in a row, I got too tense and kept hitting horribly. I think the reason I played so well the first day is becasue Kieth was craking jokes the whole time. It was hard to be mad at a shot when Kieth was making me laugh so hard.
The second day we went to the Kanab golf course. Eric's cousin Dustin (whole played golf for the U)played in the group ahead of us. I think his first tee shot was the longest ball I have ever seen hit in person. It just kept going higher and higher. Eric, Lynn and I went in the second group and then in the last group was Travis, his kids, Dustin and Kieth. When we got done with hole 9, we went back to the house because my kids were being grumpy. Kieth and the last group didnt get done until an hour and a half after us. We were all waiting at the McAllister Heritage House for him and the others to arrive.
Love, Tamber

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