Family Reunion...Pictures

On Saturday for lunch we went to the Heritage House in Kanab. It is a historical site that you can tour. Lynn (Eric's Dad) remembers spending most of his time at that house with his grandpa. We had lunch on the lawn and then toured the house and then had family pictures on the front porch.
This is a picture of the front of the Heritage House.

This is the whole crew that was at the family reunion. I think the only ones that were missing from the picture that couldnt be at the family reunion was Eric's brother Cort and his family. We sure did miss them and wish they could have come.
This is Helene and Lloyd's children and spouses.

Lynn, Lolene and Kieth

Lynn originally put the chair up there so that Kieth could stand on it and not feel self conscious that he is so short, but Kieth sat down in it. After one picture his kids made him stand up because it looked awkward.
Here are the grandchildren and spouses.
Here are only the grandchildren.
Up close

Here is a picture of the great grand children. I dont know if you can see the little girl (gracie) in the front screaming, but she didnt want her picture taken. The funny thing is she just stood there and screamed. She didnt try and run away from the picture taking.
Great grandchildren again.

Travis, Amy, Diane and Brooke
The kids climbing a tree.

All the cousins climbing the tree.
Emma and Marcus looking at the chickens.

Love, Tamber

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