{ Pirate Island }

Tonight we finally got to go to Pirate Island. For all of you Utah County Folks, I highly recommend it. It is located near the new movie theaters at University Mall. A family in our ward is the owner and we have been hearing about it all summer. Emma has been so excited to go, and we finally did. They had great pizza, amazing atmosphere and fun games. The kids loved playing in the arcade and playground area, wearing their pirate hats, using their two coins that they recieved with their menu pirate hats, watching the lightning and fake bombs shoot off the pirate ship and throwing quarters in the fountain to try and get the pirate to pop up. We will definitely return again.
Me and Marcus
Eric and Emma
Marcus in Pirate hat
Emma in pirate hat
Emma riding motercycle (fuzzy sorry)
Marcus playing on the playground that was a pirate ship.
Emma riding Elephant on the carousel.
Marcus riding the zebra (he loves zebras)
Eric shooting the gun in the gallery.
Emma and Marcus riding the train.

Love, Tamber

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Brooke said...

We have one here in St. George, but have not been yet. We really need to find time to go. Lindsay is driving me crazy to go.