Family Reunion...BBQ and Marshmellow fight

The last night of the reunion we went to Kanab city park to have a BBQ. It was a fun park for the kids. They had a pool that we swam in for a little bit, then there was a splash park that the kids could play in and a very fun park.

This is a picture of Marcus asleep on grandpa.

Danny and Trixie were nice enough to bring stuff to entertain the kids. They brought PVC pipe to make marshmallow guns that the kids could play with. After the kids played with them for a half hour or so, some of the adults got in a fight with them. Here is a picture of Amy hiding from Lynn.Here is a picture of Lynn blowing a marshmallow at Amy.

Lynn trying to figure out the Gun. It didnt take him long to figure it out, and as soon as he did, he started getting his marshmallows wet before he put them in so that they stuck to you if they hit you. It was funny watching these guys battle.
Amy trying to hit Lynn. You can also see Nannette right behind Amy also trying to hit him. They kind of ganged up on him.

Love, Tamber

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