California Sun

We made the long drive to California yesterday, and got here safely. The kids were calm and entertained by "Finding Nemo" and "101 Dalmations". We arrived at my dads house at 1:30 am. Besides lack of sleep on my part, everything in Califrnia is wonderful....it is going to be a wonderful 85 deg. in Sacramento, and 75 deg. in San Francisco today. We are going with my family to the Reds vs Giants baseball game at AT&T park. It shall be fun. I will post pictues from the trip when we get home (I didnt bring my camera adapter). I will keep you updated.


Becky said...

I didn't think I wanted to move back to Sacramento but now I do. I miss the weather, the scenery and the water. I hope you have a wonderful trip and I am glad you got there safely.

The May's said...

Brayden is missing Emma but we hope you are having fun!!!