Anticipation. 1.

One more day until we leave...

I have decided that for day one I will tell about the one bad thing that could happen in order to make our trip not as great as it should be...Eric was originally planning on missing school next week on Wed, Thurs and Fri. He only has one class on those days, but it is the same class and it is from 7-10 am every morning. So he talked to a kid that is in that class, and the kid said that the teacher told him that he needed to be there every class period. So Eric called the teacher today and the teacher basically left it up to Eric to decide, but said that each class is really like missing 3 classes because the class only goes for 1 month. Anyways, long story short...we are going to have to come back from our trip a little earlier than we expected, but I am sure that it will still be a lot of fun, just a couple of days shorter. Oh well....I am still excited, just a little bumbed that we wont be able to do as much as we wanted to do while we were there. Wish us luck in having a smooth drive (it seems like everytime we drive to California, our car resists and either doesnt want to drive us back, or wants to take a vacation once we get back).

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